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At Sapling Financial Planning, my team and I focus on serving families in the health and wellness industry, including doctors. I am also passionate about empowering recently separated, divorced, and widowed women to take charge of their finances through education and compassion.

Whether you’re planning for retirement, saving for your children’s education, going through a major life transition, or building wealth for the future, our team is unwaveringly dedicated to supporting you at every step. We focus on long-term success and provide personalized guidance, tailoring our financial plans to your unique needs and goals.
My financial planning approach puts people first, prioritizing collaboration and guidance to help you achieve your goals. With over thirteen years of experience in the industry, my team and I offer a unique and highly detailed approach that can provide clarity and care for even the most complex financial questions.

Transform Your Finances with Our Comprehensive, Educating, Objective, and Transparent Approach

Optimize Your Financial Decisions – With our comprehensive financial planning and use of technology, we can analyze the impact of a single decision and how it ripples across all your other financial goals. Make informed choices without having to guess.

Optimize Your Retirement – Create a strategic withdrawal plan that minimizes your final estate taxes and maximizes the legacy you leave behind. Avoid unnecessary tax bills with proper planning.

Expert Guidance for Business Owners – Whether it’s evaluating real estate investment options or deploying corporate cash, our expertise in business finance can help you align your goals and make the most of your assets. Don’t let finances hold back your business potential.

Plan for a Secure Future – From investment analysis to retirement planning, we cover all aspects of your financial goals with a focus on education, objectivity, and cost transparency. Rest easy knowing that you have a solid plan.

Recently Divorced or Widowed – We help you navigate this very challenging time with compassion and care. We hold your hand through the process of transitioning, learning and growing


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Molly Jane

Introducing Molly Jane, a 50-year-old divorced single woman with two adult children. Seeking a second opinion on her investment and retirement plans, she expressed her desire to retire by age 70 and leave a financial legacy for her children. Initially advised to use an RRSP as a savings strategy, Molly’s income, savings, and goals suggested that this approach would prove costly. We also delved into her investment philosophy, risk capacity, and risk tolerance. By transitioning from a growth portfolio to an equity investor, we can add 7% to 9% to Molly’s overall financial health.

When withdrawing incomes from their registered accounts, retirees often make similar mistakes. These errors can have negative implications for their current and future tax situation as well as the overall value of their financial estate. It is of utmost importance to ensure that income is distributed correctly in order to avoid any unintended consequences.

** Assumptions: nominal rate of return at 5.5%, inflation rate at 2.2% and annual income of $60,000.